• Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
  • Target Areas: Territories of Bondo, Banalia and Mambasa, Province Orientale
  • Region: Africa
  • Funder: Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Mineral Trade (PPA), PartnersPartnership Africa Canada, Ministère des Mines de la RDC, Centre National d’Appui au Développement et à la Participation Populaire CENADEP, Organisation Concertée des Écologistes et Amis de la Nature OCEAN
  • Status: Completed


In 2013, the Diamond Development Initiative completed the registration of 11,334 gold miners in Province Orientale in the context of a project carried out with Partnership Africa Canada (PAC). The project was undertaken in collaboration with the government of the DRC, industry and civil society.The objective of the project was to create a supply chain for traceable, conflict-free artisanal gold in the eastern DRC, and to thereby demonstrate the possibility of creating chains of custody for artisanal gold including traceability, from the mining site to the refinery.More specifically, the project, which was organized in three stages, aimed to register a substantial number of artisanal gold producers in Province Orientale, to facilitate the formalization of miners through technical assistance, and ensure the tracking and trading of conflict-free gold.By linking artisanal producers with buyers, the project intended to create a supply chain where the government of the DRC would receive tax money and the artisanal miners would get better prices.


  • Identify artisanal production zones to be targeted by the project, in consultation with government agents and other partners
  • Register producers, traders and buyers of artisanal gold
  • Provide technical assistance to license-holders of certain artisanal mining sites in order to improve the production level of their operations, in exchange for their commitment to track and sell gold through legal channels
  • Develop and implement a technological system for traceability


  • 11,334 gold miners were registered in a three-month period
  • Cooperation and support between stakeholders throughout the project
  • For diggers and traders: assurance of their participation in a profession that is legal and recognized by government authorities
  • For authorities: up-to-date information regarding the techniques used by miners to produce gold and the location of the most important mining sites
  • Improvement in artisanal production capacity.
This project also laid the foundation for:
  • Facilitation of surveillance and traceability of the chains of custody for gold
  • Simplification of the supply chain and reinforcement of transparency


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