• Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
  • Target Areas: Maniema, South Kivu and Orientale provinces
  • Region: Africa
  • Funder: PROMINES – World Bank, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, Apple Inc.
  • Status: Completed



From January to December 2015, DDI designed and delivered a program of miner registration in the DR Congo. Teams composed of government, civil society and private sector representatives registered 108,000 artisanal miners of gold, diamond, tin, tantalum and tungsten in three provinces. Registration agents travelled 12,000 km by motorcycle and 3,000 km by foot to reach the most remote sites.A key feature of the registration system was a unique database which captured exclusive information on miners, their production and GPS coordinates. Statistics were compiled about the gender, education, role and wages of miners, by district. Information was gathered about the communities that were visited, including development and security needs.
Through the registration project, provincial and national governments learned who and where miners were, what they mine and how. The database was delivered to the DRC government, which will enable them to support the sector, and to plan for infrastructure and services in isolated, previously unknown communities having sprouted up around mining sites. In addition, this information helps government to improve security measures in mining communities. More information about miners and their communities also helps to organize the artisanal mining sector for a greater contribution to local and national economies.
As part of the registration process, miners were also sensitized to the importance and benefits of registration and formalization. The legal status that accompanies registration provides them with protection, legitimacy and access to government support.DDI produced Training and Standard Operating Procedure Manuals for registration and database use, to build government capacity to optimize the system and the work that was accomplished.


  • By the end of December 2015, DDI had registered 108,000 miners at 457 mining sites, 57% of which were previously unknown
  • Statistics were compiled about the gender, education, role and wages of miners, by districtDatabase was created and delivered to the DRC government, also useful for community and rural planning, social services and infrastructure, electoral planning
  • Government workers were trained on registration system
  • Training and Standard Operating Procedure Manuals for the registration process and for the use of the database were produced and delivered to the government
  • Miners were sensitized to the importance and benefits of registration and formalization
  • 1205 people were interviewed and the data recorded regarding development needs in their respective communities.
Miner associations were formed in three provinces, involving 225 members, who were trained on conflict resolution, project management, cooperative governance, leadership, entrepreneurship and economic objectives.


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